Our highly trained team of Most Trusted Business Advisors and Consultants have more than a century of business experience between them. We come from a variety of generalist and specialist backgrounds and experiences, not least general management, accounting, human resources, lean management and strategic planning.

Many of us are previously successful business owners, understanding the key ingredients needed for running and managing a flourishing company.

BrightPath’s Most Trusted Advisors & Consultants are people who have been in your position before!


Looking to grow profits and safeguard against an economic slowdown or recession? There are many paths you can take to do this. We’re here to help you plan and implement your long-term business success.

At BrightPath we specialise in business improvement by coaching and working alongside business owners, simultaneously using technology to improve Finance and Operations. In particular, solving Cash Flow problems, enhancing Profit Generation, Improving Time Management and assisting in Lowering Stress by guiding you and your teams to working Fewer, Yet More Productive Hours.

We do this by assisting in Creating High Performance Businesses, Building and Executing on carefully crafted Strategies, Creating Accountability, Systemising, Building Value and establishing successful Exit pathways.

We believe that an important component to growing a highly profitable business is with the implementation of robust, often automated, business systems. In addition, a solid business structure that supports and empowers others in a team to improve business performance is imperative.

We help our clients to understand what high performance looks like and what needs to be done to create a high performing culture. In doing so, we assist in creating highly engaged teams of people who create a heightened customer experience, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.


Our consultation process starts with us meeting with you, where we will conduct a Business Assessment to instantly Identify “Profit Leakage” and measure the income potential of your business. We will then show you how your Business will respond to a Growth Plan.

This is a free, no obligation meeting, in which we show you the profit leakage and what you can do to stop it. This is a non-obligatory meeting

Our business diagnostic analyses the “Profit Leakage” in your business. Profit leakage is that extra profit you should be making, but aren’t, from your current business activities.

From the Business Diagnostic, we then identify a list of strategies for discussion that can be used to improve the profit, growth and ultimately the value of your Business.

We then illustrate what is causing the “challenges” in your business and what can be done about it.



We work across multiple sectors with a number of our current clients coming from the following sectors:




Wholesale Trade

Manufacturing and Production


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